Brands & Partners

Our Portfolio of Exclusive Brands

Yees are exclusive foodservice and retail distributors of many world-renowned brands. Our portfolio covers a range of food, beverage and household products, the categories of which are listed below.

SEAFOOD: Largest variety of frozen imported prawns, squids, scallops, octopus, mussels, oysters, salmon, caviar, value added seafood and more.
Brands: John West, Ocean’s Catch Seafoods

FROZEN PRODUCTS: Biggest range of frozen vegetables, potato chips, pies, pastries, desserts, ice cream, cocktail finger foods, berries and more.
Brands: Streets / Walls, Sujon Berries, Edgell, Birdseye, Farm Frites, Antoniou Filo Pastry, Les Vergers Boiron, Bridor Pastry

MEATS, POULTRY & SMALLGOODS: Premium imported beef and lamb cuts, poultry, hams and smallgoods.
Brands: Tegel NZ, Don Smallgoods

DAIRY PRODUCTS: A variety of fresh / aged cheeses, yoghurt, milk, cream.
Brands: Coon, Lemnos, Vaalia, Tatua, Whitestone Cheese Co.

SNACKS, SPREADS & DRY GOODS: Pastas, jams, condiments, cooking oils, spreads, sauces, herbs & spices, pickles, raw / roasted nuts (salted / unsalted), dried fruit, asian groceries, snacks and confectionery.
Brands: Sandhurst, Bertolli, Beerenberg, McCormick, Myojo, Leggo’s, Mission, Thins, Brookfarm, Maggie Beer, Essential, Leggo’s, Passion Pasta, L’Abruzzese, Chris’ Dips, Go Natural, Nissin, Natural Chip Co., Hellmann’s, Myojo, Peckish, Knorr, Kettle, Flora, Callebaut

BEVERAGES: Wines, beers, spirits, soft drinks, fruit juices, tea / coffee and water
Brands: McGuigan, Nepenthe, Tempus Two, Leonard Road, Waimea, San Pellegrino, Sunfresh, Coca-Cola, Moccona, Piazza D’Oro, Org Coffee, Pickwick Tea, Fiji Water, Bell, plus a range of local and imported beers and spirits

HOUSEHOLD: Dishwashing and general cleaning
Brands: Sunlight, Domex