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With over 25yrs experience in warehousing and distribution, Yees is a trusted name for supplying quality food and beverage products to households and businesses across Fiji. Our passion and commitment to service excellence has seen us create valued partnerships with leading global manufacturers, resulting in many of our partner brands achieving market leader status. Here is an introduction to our key partners and exclusive brands portfolio.


With seven out of ten households having at least one of their products, global leaders Unilever provides over 400 trusted brands ranging from food, beauty supplies and household necessities, helping people to look good, feel good and get more out of life. Popular brands under the Unilever umbrella include household care products such as Omo and Domex, personal care lines like Dove and Rexona, and quality food brands in Continental and Streets / Walls. Yees have forged a valued partnership with Unilever that has seen its quality brands become consistent market leaders in Fiji.

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Jacobs Douwe Egberts

Jacobs Douwe Egberts (JDE Coffee) is the world’s leading pure-play coffee company and its history dates back the mid 1700’s. One of their most recognised products is Moccona coffee- a taste of indulgence in every cup. For hotels, cafes/bars and offices, Piazza D’Oro Espresso is a trusted JDE Coffee brand and solution, synonymous with excellent quality and taste. JDE Coffee prides itself with maintaining a sustainable supply of fresh, quality coffee blends worldwide while working with the people and environment that produces it. For over 15yrs, Yees have been proud distributors of JDE coffee brands and foodservice solutions in Fiji.

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Australian Vintage

Australian Vintage lead the way forward for Australian wines with a proud heritage and a winemaking technique that takes advantage of the diversity of the market and growing regions. They have pioneered a fully integrated wine business model, extending their reach from boutique and mass market wine production, packaging, marketing and distribution. With brands that include the long-running Miranda, the sophisticated Tempus Two, the consistent classic McGuigan and the pop-culture cornerstone Passion Pop, Australian Vintage continue to merge dynamic sensibilities with a diverse range of tastes for every occasion.

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Agricultural giant Simplot have been in operation for almost a hundred years, bringing the best food produce into homes all around the world. One of its cornerstone brands is Birds Eye, a label synonymous with the advent of frozen foods. It pioneered technological developments required to store, transport and deliver fresh food across great distances, while preserving quality and taste. Edgell, likewise, changed the way vegetables were stored and brought to tables worldwide, with its innovative canning process. Starting from asparagus in 1926 the range has expanded to include canned beetroot, corn and legumes among others. Today, Edgell enjoys multi-generational partnerships with over 100 farmers to deliver the freshest vegetables to consumers. An enduring partnership of over 20yrs has seen Yees deliver quality Simplot brands to the Fiji market.

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Our Portfolio of Exclusive Brands

Yees are exclusive foodservice and retail distributors of many world-renowned brands. Our portfolio covers a range of food, beverage and household products, the categories of which are listed below. SEAFOOD: Largest variety of frozen imported prawns, squids, scallops, octopus, mussels, oysters, salmon, caviar, value added seafood and more. Brands: John West, Ocean’s Catch Seafoods FROZEN PRODUCTS: Biggest range of frozen vegetables, potato chips, pies / pastries / desserts, ice cream, cocktail finger foods, berries and more. Brands: Streets/Walls, Sujon Berries, Edgell, Birdseye, Farm Frites, Antoniou Filo Pastry MEATS, POULTRY & SMALLGOODS: Premium imported beef and lamb cuts, poultry, hams and smallgoods. Brands: Tegel NZ, Don Smallgoods DAIRY PRODUCTS: A variety of fresh / aged cheeses, yoghurt, milk, cream. Brands: Coon, Lemnos, Vaalia, Tatua, Whitestone Cheese Co. SNACKS, SPREADS & DRY GOODS: Pastas, jams, condiments, cooking oils, spreads, sauces, herbs & spices, pickles, raw / salted fruits and nuts, asian groceries, snacks and confectionery. Brands: Sandhurst, Bertolli, Beerenberg, McCormick, Myojo, Leggo’s, Mission, Thins, Brookfarm, Maggie Beer, Essential, Leggo’s, Passion Pasta, L’Abruzzese, Chris’ Dips, Go Natural, Nissin, Natural Chip Co., Hellmann’s, Myojo, Peckish, Knorr, Kettle, Flora BEVERAGES: Wines, Beers, Spirits, Juices, Coffee / Tea and water Brands: McGuigan, Nepenthe, Tempus Two, Sherwood Estate, Waimea, San Pellegrino, Sunfresh, Coca-Cola, Moccona, Piazza D’Oro, Org Coffee, Pickwick Tea, Fiji Water, Bell, plus a range of local and imported beers and spirits HOUSEHOLD: Dishwashing and general cleaning Brands: Sunlight, Domex

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